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 .:~Welcome to the Border Lands~:.

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.:~Welcome to the Border Lands~:. Empty
PostSubject: .:~Welcome to the Border Lands~:.   .:~Welcome to the Border Lands~:. I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 8:08 am

...As you enter the forest you see a large grey slate with odd lettering as you step closer it becomes clearer...
.::Thou who enters the forest hereby joins the final pack of hosts among the living. The host is one of both souls, of human and animal. Transforming is a difficult task and if you are not a host of two souls turn back...

(Wolf will refer to any animal host in this look-over.)

The Commandments:

.: One must be a host of both souls wolf and human or human and otherwise.

.:: One must accept their placement in the pack no matter how bleak or stay away and rogue.

.::: You must accept whatever you have done and live up to it.

.:::: Do not abuse the power of your souls against others.



Welcome! Thank you for joining The Final Border Lands! We hope you enjoy your stay, the 'host' or your characters on this forum are humans and mostly of wolves. Both at once, they can transform between eachother for various tasks and hardships but however cannot transform when under immense pressure, fear, anger or of the such. As transforming is a hard task not all can do so from a young age but will learn over time. These creatures arent ordinary if they are humans or wolves, their wolf form is always 1/2 the height of their human form so some wolves can be quite short, or quite large. Also most of these 'wolves' have a thing for shiny things so they tend to collect alot. It is also inadviseable to go to the city or towns because something might happen, dont go unless you can control your transforming powers to their full extent. These creatures also have breed specific things to them, such as :

.: When they are pups they have no markings at all but later develop them.

.:: Any wolf in the pack may have pups though it is inadviseable for omegas as the pups will likely be killed.

.::: At the age of 6 moons a pups future will be chosen in the pack.

.:::: When a host has mated they will receive a tribal marking, this will always be a shape or a line/curved line on their wrist, and so on, as both a human and wolf. This can be embarassing and disgraceful for teenage hosts.

*note: a new mark is added after each time ^

**note: marks will NEVER cover a hosts full body, only most of it ^

.::::: Places in the pack can be changed to the alpha and beta's likings.

.:::::: At 5 season cycles a pup becomes a juvenile and begins training.

.::::::: Age 17 season cycles is concidered adult.

.:::::::: Maturity starts at 6 season cycles, a host is fully mature after 8 season cycles.

.::::::::: 1-2 Pups are born per litter; 3 is rare, 4 is extremely unlikely.

.:::::::::: Wolves have a last and first name; last name is chosen depending on the actions of the wolf. ie. 'hawkeye' meaning can see well.


...Overall welcome to the pack. Enjoy your stay or forever hold your peace...
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.:~Welcome to the Border Lands~:.
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