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Table of Contents:

Year: 2035

Name is Pink: Female
Name is Cyan: Male

First Part of Title is Green: Lives in Forest
First Part of Title is Orange: Lives in City
First Part of Title is White: Lives Else-Where
First Part of Title is Olive: Unborn

Second Part of Title is Teal: Single
Second Part of Title is Khaki: In a Relationship
Second Part of Title is Slate Grey: Has a Mate

Wolf Female

Angel Brightwing 29 May 20th
Aroura Destinystar 12 December 3rd
Alta Mistydawn 14 February 18th
OasisSilentwater 42 January 9th
Maya Darktwist 40 September 13th
Luna Silvermoon 17 September 12th
Soul Sandwake 39 March 22nd
Aqua Shimmerpool 32 March 30th
Cinder Fallensnow 34 May 11th
Paige Morningmist 13 May 5th
Halo Silentview 15 December 25th
Violet Duskeyes 13 December 22nd
Seren Shiningnight 13 December 22nd
Kaya Auralight 29 May 20th
Zaira Phoenix Radientglow 12 August 8th
Piper Blueflax (12; February 23rd)
Kaela Bluebird (11; April 10th)
Tasha Softtone  36, May 2nd
Roxanne Red fade[/b] (20; June 5th)
Maste Sunnyday  (11; March 26th)
Jig Pieceswitch (23; April 1st)

Wolf Male

Ash Starpool 37, January 1st
Archer Flintfoot 15, December 23rd
Xander Paleclaw 39 June 29th
Phantom Blackclaw 39 June 29th
Blue Cyanleap 41 May 12th
Axel Eternalflame 40, August 8th
Gabriel Lightstone 33, November 5th
Aaron Swift-flight 15, September 18th
William Flashfang 38, July 13th
RD Redslash35, April 7th
Rotoul Spiritheart 15, October 17th
Reno firewalker 57,August 10th
Kiba Bluefang54, May 24th
Ventus Eternalsky 14,Novermber 15th
Clay Mosswall 13, October 29th
Ben lichengrip 38, January 19th
Shadow Icehawk 12,September 3rd
Laszlo Lonebolt 12, December 3rd
Dimitri Riptide 12, December 3rd
Michael Navysky 21. November 17th
Tazvin (Sevn) Goldenash (12; December 13th)
Kirai Silverline (11: June 9th)
Kyle Hawkfeather (12; March 13th)
Derek Oakfur (11; April 10th)
Seth Falcontalon ( 13; June 1st)
Riku Knighton Skygaze (11: July 15th)
Edward Greymoon (35: June 12th)
Tyler Orangeglow  (32: July 4th)
Arrow Shootingstar (12; February 23rd)
Virgil Lonestar (12; April 17th)
Zeke Stonescar (21; January 18th)
Bat Female
Winter (winnie) Diamondwish (12: october 23rd)

Male Dog
X (non host)

Boy(non host)

Horse Female

Horse Male
Lance Thornlock (26: February 3rd)
Darko DuskLight (10; January 1st)

Hybrid Female
Taiyou Solarflare 13; December 22nd (Wolf x Bat)
Candice Moonpool ( 10: March 14th) (Panther x Owl)
Mica Flickerbright (10; December 7th) (Fox x Wolf)

Hybrid Male
Levi Honestheart (10; November 18th) (Bat x Wolf)

Lenis D'ava Female

Lenis D'ava Male
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